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Mary Magdalene

Many of us are being called to honor the Sacred Feminine and the quintessential way that she is speaking to us in through the spirit and soul of Mary Magdalene. I’ve always had this desire to be “special” and called in a unique way. I think this is my spirit and the Divine Purpose on one hand, but I think it is also the wounded child within me seeking validation and acknowledgment. In any case, owning these seemingly opposing parts of self, allow for me to see honestly my beautiful and my shadows, who I am as blessing to others and sometimes curse as well.

Mary Magdalene was known in the early church as a prostitute and woman of ill repute but our honesty reflections and emerging stand for more and more truth about Sacred Feminine has taught us early beliefs were wrong. She was a woman of means and an esteemed teacher with Jesus. Those of us who have been called by her to bring more of her authentic spirit into being today know that she was at times, the teacher and source for Jesus, as women often are. She held great wisdom and intuitive care with him and for him. As she continues to speak to our souls and spirits, we learn more and more about the necessary balance between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

Mary Magdalene represents the Sacred Feminine and the essence of the following: intuitive knowing, power and strength from within, connection to Divine Source from within, gentle kindness and the wisdom to act from an inner Divine Place. Sacred Feminine energy leads the wounded and the Sacred Masculine into the understanding of partnership, honoring the whole and seeing the unity of all.

It is time to welcome and honor the Power and Leadership of Sacred Feminine energy within all women and all men. We first must heal the ways we have oppressed this energy within us looking at our relationships with mothers, grandmothers, sisters and the lineage of our ancestry. Then we see our part, the role we took on, the competitive and jealous judgements of other women. We can heal this and as we begin to honor self, we develop compassion for others. Eventually, we develop and strong and powerful compassion for our brothers that have hurt us as well. This compassion no longer tolerates abuse, but confronts it with strength and clarity. We no longer carry the share for our abusers. As the Sacred Feminine arises within us, we honor the Sacred Feminine in all things and use our energy to protect from abuse and stand for justice.

Honoring the Sacred Feminine energy within us and around us culturally is risky. The power differentials are shifting, relationships are adjusting and our responsibility as women and men called to honor this Feminine Divine time, is great. We must remember that we hold this responsibility together and the Source will guide, protect and teach us as we go.

The Mary in ”Blessings From Mary,” the title of my book, is Mary Magdalene. This book offers Daily Sacred Feminine Meditations That Awaken One to Their Divine Purpose Inspired by Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene has become my friend, mentor and soul partner on this spirit and soul filled journey. I am humbled by this connection and the ways in which she speaks to me. ”Blessings From Mary” became a publication as a result of my spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene and she has been inspiring me over the last several years on a daily basis.

Mary Magdalene is also known as Mary of Magdala. Magdala was known to be a prosperous fishing village in the region where Jesus was active in his own ministry. Mary Magdalene became initially famous as she was known in scripture to be a repentant woman of ill repute from which Jesus cast out seven demons. She was also known as the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead according to the New Testament. In recent times Mary Magdalene has emerged in our culture and consciousness with popularity. This is perhaps due to the restoration of her reputation as she was misidentified as a repentant prostitute in the New Testament. In the last century many biblical and Catholic scholars have revealed the lack of evidence backing this assertion. She seems to have come from a wealthy family and what historians can surmise based on ancient texts and stories in the New Testament, she was highly regarded as a teacher and disciple of Jesus.

This last century renewed interest in Mary Magdalene is also connected to an emerging interest in the Sacred Feminine. The “DaVinci Code,” a book by Dan Brown later adapted to the screen, has been instrumental in bringing the role of Mary Magdalene and Feminine Spirituality into the forefront of our consciousness. We have begun to question who this woman has been and is for us today. “The Mary Magdalene Within” by Joan Norton and Margaret Starbird and “The Church of Mary Magdalene” are two nonfiction books that begin to create some structure and language to the experience women and men have today around this connection to Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine. Conscious people know that we must begin to integrate the Sacred Feminine into our religious and educational institutions, societal systems and individual lives to assist in the healing of our wounded patriarchal thinking and behaving.

The detailed chronology of my own personal journey of connecting with Mary Magdalene and honoring Sacred Feminine spirituality is described in detail in, “Blessings From Mary.” Sharing this journey with you is my way of honoring my own Divine Purpose and Destiny and offers adoration to the Sacred Feminine. Most importantly, I know that we all have a Divine Purpose and will connect more fully to this purpose through prayer and meditation and an exploration of Sacred Feminine, especially the powerful archetype of Sacred Feminine symbolized in Mary Magdalene.

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