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Jan 30, 2013

Divine Purpose and Destiny

Divine Purpose Revealed

In Blessings From Mary there are 9 Principles of Sacred Feminine Spirituality which are identified that come through as themes in the 365 daily meditations. It is only in a consistent prayer and meditation practice that these principles emerged as I honored my own quest for discovering my Divine Purpose. It did not come clear to me immediately, but over time small and profound bits of wisdom were revealed to me and I am forever grateful for these unveilings. This first principle is both disconcerting and comforting as we see the path for distinguishing our Divine Purpose and the path requires discipline, steadfastness and commitment. As more of the 9 principles are revealed, you will find this comfort deepening and perhaps becoming more disconcerting as well. This is the paradox and mystery of the spiritual journey. Blessings on your way. Sally

Nine Principles of
Sacred Feminine Spirituality

This collection of meditations and wisdom came to me during my prayer and meditation practice over the last several years. Part 4 outlines the step by step process that I used in my prayer and meditation practice. This process deepened my spiritual process and taught me how to connect with my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners. It is available to assist you in developing your own unique meditative practice and communion with your guides.

During this meditation practice in which I received inspiration from Mary Magdalene and my other guides, several themes and principles of Feminine Spiritual Maturity became apparent. I will sometimes refer to these as “Feminine Spiritual Principles,” “Sacred Feminine Spirituality,” “Divine Feminine Spirituality,” “Principles of Feminine Maturity” or any combination of those words. When I do, I am referring to the nine principles here and I believe these themes unite us in the embracing and honoring of the Sacred Feminine. I have come to believe that these necessary components must be integrated to discover and embrace one’s Divine Purpose and Destiny. Over the last several years, I have refrained from reading any literature, fiction or non-fiction (other than reading “The Da Vinci Code”) related to Mary Magdalene. It was my intention to have the purest and most organic relationship with her that came out of my own prayer and meditation practice. Below are the principles, beliefs and themes that have emerged which describe how to embrace our Divine Purpose and Destiny and live more fully integrated with Sacred Feminine energy.

1. Each individual has a unique Divine purpose to fulfill, which is revealed through prayer, meditation and communing with one’s own Soul Partners and Spirit Guides.

During my day-to-day meditative and prayer practice, my guides have stated repeatedly that all individuals have their own unique purpose and destiny to manifest in life. There are specific saints, angels, Soul Partners and Spirit Guides who have gone before us, and they await our invocation for assistance in this. Our Divine destiny is revealed primarily as a result of our communing with our unique set of Soul Partners and Spirit Guides. This meditative practice must occur over time and in the discipline of it, one’s Divine destiny will be revealed as well as the Divinity Circles of specific guides that gather on each person’s behalf. We are here to fulfill our unique soul’s purpose. Our Spirit Guides and Soul Partners are the primary component in discovering that purpose and sharing our gifts and purpose with others.


This is a meditation and spiritual guidebook for anyone interested in connecting with their Divine Purpose and Destiny as well as embracing and honoring Sacred Feminine Principles. It contains daily readings meant to inspire and comfort. It also provides practical guidelines for connecting with your Spirit Guides and Soul Partners. It is based on my own daily experiential prayer practice over many years and I am happy and humbled to share it with you.

Mary Magdalene is my primary source of inspiration in this writing, along with other Soul Partners and Spirit Guides. When I began to feel called to honor Mary Magdalene in my prayer and meditation practice, it was not because I thought of publishing these meditations or writing a book about it all. I was searching for clarity around my own Divine Purpose. In the discipline of the daily practice, I found that it was more than a time for prayer and meditation. A pattern and rhythm developed and it became clear that I was finally making the connection with my Divine Purpose and Destiny. I had been trying to develop a mission and purpose for several years. Through my daily prayer and meditation which included writing, my Divine Purpose became clear.

As I continued to follow this structure, answers came regarding my specific troubles and daily concerns. When I was honest about my fears and jealousies, wisdom came through from my Guides and then clarity came about my Divine Purpose. One day, it came to me very specifically. My Divine Purpose and Destiny is to assist others in connecting with their own Divinity within and with the courage to carry that out in the world.

As I continued with my daily prayer and meditation practice, it was revealed to me that I was called to share these 365 meditations, the 4 step structure in my prayer and meditation practice and the 9 Principles of Sacred Feminine Spirituality. Embracing the 9 Principles and surrendering to the 4 step prayer and meditation practice were essential to gaining general and specific direction around my Divine Purpose and I knew it would do the same for others. Continued daily prayer and meditation provides ongoing guidance on how to manifest one’s Divine Purpose in the world sometimes with very specific actions and other times with general ideas.

We all have unique spiritual beliefs and prayer practices to honor, deepen and develop. Whatever those are, I am certain that through these practices, our unique Divine Purpose will emerge. Consistency, honesty in the journaling portion of the 4 step process, and learning spiritual surrender are the keys for our Divine Purpose to be revealed to us and the specifics for carrying it out. The specific 4 steps can be found in my book, Blessings From Mary, or watch for a free description on my website's Prayer and Meditation page.

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