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This is a meditation and spiritual guidebook for anyone interested in connecting with their Divine Purpose and Destiny as well as embracing and honoring Sacred Feminine Principles. It is a book with daily readings meant to inspire and comfort. It also provides practical guidelines for connecting with your Spirit Guides and Soul Partners. It is based on my own daily experiential prayer practice over a four year period, and I am happy and humbled to share it with you. Mary Magdalene is my primary source of inspiration in this writing, along with other Soul Partners and Spirit Guides.

In the spiritual meditation practice that unfolded, it became clear that my mission was to assist others in connecting with their own Divinity within and with the courage to carry that out in the world. One of the ways that this was to happen was through sharing these 365 daily meditations, the 9 Sacred Feminine Principles and the 4 step pray and meditation practice itself. It was also to happen through my honesty in sharing the emotional turmoil, fear, shame and ego-driven wounds that I carried into the meditation practice and that were ultimately transformed into inspired wisdom and guidance.

Please take what resonates within you and leave what does not. It is offered to those who feel called and moved to receive what is available. We are all connected and I trust that you are here with me right now for a reason of your own. I have also come to believe that our souls attract other souls to assist in the work we have all come here to do for the health and healing of the planet. When we are open and willing to surrender to our soul’s unfolding and fulfillment, we call together other souls to help us complete our work. It is a journey of spiritual maturity. We are all in our own place in this journey, welcoming and attracting what is necessary along the way.

I know in honoring my Divine Purpose and Destiny by sharing this book with you, we are all served. There is movement for all of us toward the fulfillment of our souls’ work and the collective work of healing the planet.

With great joy and humility, I send you blessings on your spiritual journey in both discovering and living out your Divine purpose and in embracing more fully Sacred Feminine Spirituality.

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In service,

Praise for Blessings From Mary

I am currently GREATLY enjoying reading your beautiful, eloquent book. I have elected to read it through from start to finish, as opposed to just reading one meditation per day. Although of course the book as a whole and many of the meditations are geared towards women, I am certainly finding some of them very relevant to both men and women.
—Dr. T. Z.

Blessings From Mary is an easy to follow a step by step process which has helped me to connect with my spiritual guides and angels. Working with the book has encouraged me to journal regularly and it has given me a sense of peace and self-fulfillment.
—Patricia R., Media Broadcaster of positive programming

I have found the daily meditations in Blessing's From Mary to be both inspiring and deeply sacred… It seems each day I receive a message that guides me to deeper understanding of my own wounds and fears, empowering me with the courage to heal my pain, while strengthening my own spiritual connection. As a result of this book, I feel I am more open to receiving guidance from Mary, while uniting with spiritual guides of my own as I continue on my journey to embrace my Divine Purpose.

Your book not only gave me comfort in knowing I'm not alone in my journey, but it also gave me courage to be true to my self and not to be so worried about being accepted by society. I feel an awakening within, and I'd really like to thank you for putting yourself out there for all the world to see/read. I am accepting who I am more easily and lovingly, and learning to bless All of my journey!

Your book...Messages from Mary has blown me away what I opened to....Nov. 30th and Dec.1st...first readings that were perfection for me. I typed up Dec. 1st (sans your personal entry after reading it to her by phone) and sent it to a client who it also touched Deeply.

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